cruise dinner #1

i just got back from my first cruise ever to the bahamas. it was a lot of fun. and food was everywhere. i liked how i could order multiple appetizers, multiple entrees, and multiple desserts without feeling guilty (or did i?). but i definitely enjoyed the ease of decision making since when faced with too many appetizing food choices, i can’t make a decision within a reasonable amount of time. but that was not a problem on the ship, because why pick one when you can have two, and why share when you can have one of your own.

sourdough bread

chilled tomato soup

smoked salmon, dill, capers dip with toasts

salmon with lentils

uhh medium rare?? looks like it just came out of the shrink wrap

dry sponge cake. looks pretty though. i stole it from someone. the picture i mean

chocolate torte

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