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fried rice

lunch today was fried rice w/leftover dishes (scrambled eggs, some shrimp and veggies), leftover soup, and more braised fish with freshly caught fish. yes dad went fishing again this morning. location: home carmel IN Advertisements

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mama’s on washington square

a picture from the past… when we were in san francisco, we went to mama’s for brunch. i saw it being featured on rachel ray’s tasty travels (or one of her shows of the same sort) on the food network … Continue reading

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mom got blackberries on sale, and every time the topic of blackberries comes up, she would talk about her childhood experience of stealing blackberries from a neighbor’s yard and coming back w/black smears all over her face. i like berries … Continue reading

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粽子 (zongzi)

aka lotus leaf -wrapped goodness zongzi is meant to be eaten during the duanwu festival (端午节), which is the fifth day of the fifth month of the year by the lunar calendar. there’s an elaborate story behind it too. i … Continue reading

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daddy goes fishing

***gory details below*** ***not for weak stomachs*** my dad went fishing on sunday and came back with lots of stuff as usual. he’s really good and his friends always ask him for tips. my mom would gut all the fish … Continue reading

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sweet soup, chinese style

mom made this slightly sweet soup that’s meant for dessert or as a snack or a late night indulgence since i had some just now and wish i hadn’t. but it’s light, not overly sweet, full of good for you … Continue reading

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light dinner

since we had lunch at the buffet, we weren’t terribly hungry by dinner time. so mom just whipped up two quick dishes and a soup, and we had some leftovers too. not photographed: sauteed snowpea leaves, leftovers from past dinners … Continue reading

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