Chef point cafe

I have not posted in a while, but oh man this place is worth a good post. Located in fort worth, behind a gas station, this place looks nondescript on the outside but is truly a gem. and I swear this place was featured on the show Most Eligible Dallas!
It looks just like a convenience store at a gas station, but as soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by the sweet aroma of freshly prepared food, smiling hostesses, an open dining area, and you can see the hustle and bustle back in a semi open kitchen. Apparently they have added on an additional dining area in the back with additional parking, which was probably an extremely wise business decision.
The ambience is casual, the tabletop laminated with various advertisements ranging from spa treatments to chiropracters to car stuff. Silverware wrapped in paper napkins were provided, nothing fancy. The menu was 4 pages full of delicious sounding food, from apps, to salads soups to burgers to poultry to seafood to pasta to grilled items. U name it they probably have it. I got the seafood supreme with mussles, shrimp, scallop in a creamy sauce over bowtie pasta. It came in a giant bowl piping hot, served with a slice of bread. I hadn’t had anything so comforting in a while, completely unpretentious just down to earth freaking declicious food. My friend got the grilled lamb chop that came with grilled veggies. It was covered in this beautiful dark glaze, gorgeous to look at and even better to eat. And lastly we had to try their bread pudding for which they were well known for, well I had to. I’m a bread pudding fiend. It was good, very good. The top is perfectly broiled, the middle soft and sweet in a syrupy cognac sauce. As good as it was, I have to say I’ve had better, but it may just be a difference in style since I prefer to see bread chunks that have their edges and corners slightly browned up and theirs is completely mushed up.

I shall return!


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woodberry kitchen

wow so good! such good service! cute manager! A+++

another brunch with vanzie and karlie. it was a beautiful morning that quickly turned into a wet disaster, but it was soo hilarious. we were sitting on the patio, enjoying the view and our delicious CAKE DOUGHNUT, waiting for our entrees to arrive. then the clouds darkened, and the thunders arrived. rain drops started coming down. they had these giant umbrellas on the patio, almost one for each table, so we were perfectly covered. when our food arrived, the rain became steady, and we thought to ourselves, this is really romantic! before we knew it, the rain got bigger, the wind became stronger, and no matter how much we tried to huddle underneath the umbrella with our little plate of food, we were slapped with rain left and right. the manager had asked us earlier if we wanted to sit inside and we had said no. but now with our food swimming in a pool of water and ourselves just as wet, we said yes to the offer to go inside the restaurant. the best part is, the manager, who was cute as a pie in this country plaid buttondown shirt, offered to pay for our meal, and we were welcome to get more food inside.

so that leads to the food which was amaaazing. i fee like i’ve used this word, and delicious, and good, so many times while i was on this trip. we started off with a cake doughnut, warm, soft, surgary, so fingerlicking good. then i got the cast iron eggs skillet. van got the hangtown fry (sorry no pics because food was wet and we were trying to eat as quickly as possible) which consisted of eggs, shrimp, shallots, bacon, and side of skillet potatoes which i was trying to devour as much as i could as we were being escorted back inside the restaurant. those were some awesome skillet potatoes with that perfectly crunchy skin and soft middle, MMmmmmm. Karl got the ham and heirloom tomato benedict. once we were inside, van and each got a basil mint creamy, which was an iced latte infused with basil and mint, perfectly frothy. the three of us also got some french toast to share, made of pecan challah bread with peaches.

i would most definitely go back for the food, the awesome service, and the cute manager, without the rain next time hopefully.

buttermilk cake doughnut, with cinnamon sugar

the last bite of the doughnut

only cinnamon sugar is left

cast iron skillet eggs, with stewed heirloom tomatoes, onions, squash, and corn

french toast, made with pecan challah bread, with black rock peaches

basil mint creamy, iced latte

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Karl’s bday

Karly’s bday is today. Happy bday!!! Van and I both thought it was the week after and we almost missed it. To celebrate his bday and to continue on with our culinary exploration in baltimore, we went to Helmand, an afgani restaurant in mt vernon, after hearing much praise about the place. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I’ve had turkish, indian, ethiopian, figured it was kind of a blend of those 3 cuisines. And it was, sort of. But it was amazing.
We started off with an appetizer of ravioli filled with ground beef covered in ground beef sauce, almost chili like, with yogurt. I think the menu description of it was a ‘pastry shell’ but it was just like a ravioli. U soak up the sauce with their warm bread crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it was yumilicious. The bread was truly really good, it was a flatbread, served warm and toasty, with sweet butter. I could just eat the bread and butter for a meal.
We ordered 2 entrees and a side of spinach to share. One entree was another ravioli thing with leek filling covered in ground beef/yogurt sauce. The other entree was braised lamb with rice and potatoes. The lamb was soooooo tender and rich. Again the sauces in both entrees was perfect for the bread.
For dessert we got the middle eastern pastries which were these two flaky pastry filled things, not quite like baklava. The only thing I liked in it was the raspberry sauce.
My conclusion? Awesome meats, wonderful bread, dessert ehhh. What is afgani food? Still can’t quite put into words exactly.
Happy birthday, karly!


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Taberna del Alabardero

went to DC saturday night and met up with one of van’s high school friends and her boyfriend for restaurant week. it was a nice spanish place. i would try to pronounce all the dishes but i would just make a fool of myself and honestly i don’t remember the full names of the dishes. everything was soooo good.

scallops and mussels

grilled corvina fish with shrimp, sauteed mushroom, incredible sauce

warm rice pudding with ice cream

coconut flan with pineapple sorbet

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Miss Shirley’s

brunch is definitely definitely my favorite meal of the day. i can eat brunch all day long. i’ve also resigned myself to the fact that this trip is going to be a lot of eating. i’m in fact still full right now, from another brunch meal.

it turns out that my best friend’s co-intern is one of the Rice BIOE’s. such a small world! so we all met up for brunch at Miss Shirley’s, one of the best brunch places in town. Van also invited my future husband. he was a very nice guy.

Miss Shirley’s was aweeesome. apparently they are in the running to be on the next season of America’s best foodtruck race on the food network, and they are trying to get enough votes for their truck to be on the show. can’t contest to their food on the truck, but the food in the restaurant was divine. also we were starving monkeys.

we started off with a plate of monkey bread to share, it was ooey, gooey, drenched in cinnamonny syrup, covered in bananas and chocolate chips with a cup of chocolate sauce to dip. i got the bayou omelet. van got the trio of breakfast sliders, karl got their award winning shirley’s affair with oscars, and ny-ying got the fried chicken and waffles. absolutely incredible.

monkey bread

bayou omelet: Andouille Sausage, Crawfish meat, Tomato & Cheddar

trio of breakfast sliders: Three Sliders served with Scrambled Eggs - One with White Cheddar & Slow-Roasted Carolina Pulled Pork, One with White Cheddar & Applewood Smoked Bacon & One with Goat Cheese, Spinach & Roasted Red Pepper, all on Mini Challah Rolls

Benne seed chicken n waffles: Benne Seed Boneless Breast of Chicken Pieces & a Honey-Mustard Drizzle on White Cheddar-Green Onion Waffles with Peppadew-Jalapeno Butter

ny-ying did really good w/her chicken n waffles

Shirley's affair w/oscar: Two 2-Ounce Beef Filets, topped with Asparagus, Jumbo Lump MD Crab Meat & Hollandaise Sauce, on Fried Green Tomatoes & Savory Grits with Bacon, dusted with Old Bay

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The point… is seafood

Met up w Lee for some catching up, gossipping about boys. We went to fell’s point and to this restaurant called the point. Lee had been there before on a date. The food was excellent. The boy was sketch.
We got:
1. Mini crabcakes. Soo good, full of crabmeat. Well seared.
2. Rock shrimp tempura. Delicious!
3. Lobster shrimp ceviche which probably could’ve used a little more acid, salt, and oomph, but the fresh seafood taste was undeniably good.
4. Fried oysters. Not my favorite cup of tea though I had had them before and I liked them. But these ones were so slimy in my mouth, even the fried shell can’t mask the texture.


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Crabs crabs crabs

First meal in baltimore.

My bestest friend picked me up from the airport and we went to ships cafe and pub in cantonsville after some yelping. We had maryland crab soup which was a vegetable tomato soup w crab meat, and fried calamari. The calamari was pretty greasy. But the crabs were awesome. They took quite some work to eat! And we ve got crab shells flying everywhere. By the end of the meal we were happily stuffed.



got more pictures from my camera of the crabs. more like the carnage. muahahah. definitely not a pretty job. shells flying everywhere, in your hair, on your clothes, old bay seasoning underneath your fingernails… but it was delicious.

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